War is Coming

September 22, 2020
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The only thing that can unite mankind is an attack on earth by Aliens – President Ronald Reagan, 1987

For many years now despite the lack of any solid physical evidence, the movie world have been preparing us for the attack by ‘aliens’ & the unity of the human race in prosecuting that war.

Soon, there will indeed be such a war with ‘Aliens’ but the details are a bit mixed up

In most narration, an Alien race visits the earth, sees its potentials, pretends to ‘come in peace’; then attacks, either to enslave man or to take over our home. Then a Coalition of men (or nations) fights the invaders off, liberating mankind or at least freeing sizable survivors.

The Bible tells us that indeed there will be war in which the rulers and people of this world will (soon) be gathered together termed ‘the war of the great day of God the Almighty’, under the auspices of Satan, who is called ‘the god of this World’.

Already, demon inspired movies are conditioning us to get ready for war, for resistance, for taking our stand with the World in the war. People who know the real issues (& refuse further to align with the world) will be branded as deserters. Many are already taking their stance for the ‘Aliens’ by living as citizens of God’s kingdom.

There are Aliens in our midst; they were there when the Earth was made; having been made a bit earlier by the Benevolent Maker. The 1st time they visited earth, it was barren & waste. Some of them worked as underservants to make the earth a paradise. After Man was made and the potentials of Man was revealed, which included things that some of the Aliens didn’t have, some of them rebelled; seeking to take on some of the potentials of man but the Maker stopped them. That was the initial period when they passed a lot of technology to man. Eventually, they were chased to the earth in a war in Heaven as the Maker got things ready to redeem man.

The Bible says the Maker will come soon to wipe the deserter Aliens & ironically, they want us on their side in the war meant to save us. With trickery and strong arm tactics, they and their acolytes will try to get everyone on the rebellion.

As they throw us into crisis in a bid to achieve their aims of having mankind united with them in the war of God the Almighty these facts needs to be known.

Job 38:7, Genesis 3, Genesis 6:2, 2 Corinthians 4:4, Revelation 12:9; 16:16

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