To Find Joy, Find your Purpose!

February 26, 2021
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Why are you here? Where do we really go from here? Were questions that troubled me after a funeral I attended shortly after I turned 16. It was then I realized that finding our purpose in life is the most important thing there is. Truly, without answering those important questions, life is a rut and is quite meaningless.

More and more, this life feels like a game, albeit a rush game. You have 80, 70, 60 years or less to live and in that time you need to fathom the answers to the big questions.

I realized that the ‘game’ – life involves 3 main components:

  • Find your purpose;
  • Fulfill your purpose, and;
  • Find joy for yourself & others while discovering and fulfilling your purpose



Your purpose will not come to you in a document, neat and tidy; you will need to piece it together like a jigsaw puzzle from the different sources that nature will avail you; some information is readily available and for others, you will have to solve some puzzles to find their keys.

When we get formed, some of the information you need to find your purpose is inbuilt in you – inherited from our parents and their parents, down their genealogy. This information comes in the form of your abilities and interests. Others are inborn desires like the one for everlasting life, happiness, to serve, to love and be loved, for justice and belongingness. You will also be empowered with curiosity, adventure, the desire to ask questions and get satisfying answers.

When you land here through birth the next clues are found in the environment. You will meet people who have been on the journey and who can guide you. There are books, religious creeds, and philosophies that will help you on your way. Caution is required as many false flags and destructive teachings can lead you away from your purpose but rest assured that what you have is sufficient to help you find your purpose if you are honest. So the simple task is: find your purpose, live it and be a source of joy to yourself and others despite all the wahala you will face. Can you do it? Can you manage the adventure? Can you?

‘The test of any philosophy or religious creed is the number of things it can explain (satisfactorily)’

– a quote I wrote in my diary as a young man in search of his purpose. I was concerned about the following questions: Why am I here? What is the evidence that supports Creation or Evolution? Are there Aliens? Why do we die? What happens when we die? If there is a Creator or Universal Intelligence, has ‘he’ lost control? Is ‘he’ conscious? Is ‘he’ caring? Is ‘he’ knowable? Why do we suffer? Is there ‘intelligence’ higher than humans in the Universe? The answers in the Bible proved to be most satisfying.

Unfortunately, no one will teach you this as plainly as this and so we wobble and grope in darkness.  I do not think this very important matter was raised even once in the many years I attended school from Primary to Graduate School. We are taught how to make a living, how society expects us to live, sometimes how to find a mate, pay taxes, shop, and all of that, but no one tells us ‘your number one reason for being on earth is to find out why you are here, what your purpose is; it is sad indeed that no one tells us that! (That we are here by design is beyond question. Your ultimate quest in life should be to find out the Intelligence responsible for your existence and that of the Universe. There is a universal purpose and nestled within that you must find out your own purpose, why you are here – why have you been summoned as it were).

The fulfillment of your purpose should bring joy to you, the people around you, and to the world at large. Fulfillment of your purpose should make the world a better place. You see one thing about the purpose you have? You alone are the best person in the whole wide world and among all the possible potentials in your father’s loins to fulfill it. That’s how unique you are! That’s life. It’s a great and wonderful thing!

So why are you here? What are you doing here? Do you think you can find out? The answers are within your grasp. Look inward & out with honesty.

Postscript: Your purpose must be tied to something greater than you. For some people, it is faith in God or service to humanity or both. The purpose must then include a path for full self-development and full human potentials for your and others’ benefit, peace, and happiness. Develop a purpose statement around these and decide on goals and strategic objectives; develop strategies to reach your goals & you will find the greatest joy in living a purposeful life.

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