Them Tribute Hunters

December 8, 2020
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Should I say the man is kind, loving, and helpful whereas he is the very opposite, and really is an epitome of meanness?

Should I say he is godly and wise and is a scion of integrity whereas we all know differently? ‘Say good things because he’s retiring o!’ They would insist.

What if he’s the bastion of corruption, an amalgamate of nepotism and the grandchild of all that is bad – of pure evil?

You agree I have a point but does this honesty that I hold myself to change if he’s dead and I am ‘not to speak evil of the dead?’

Tell them not to request a tribute from me if they don’t want the truth. What I know the man to be alive is what people will hear from me about him when he dies or is leaving.

I hereby put y’all ‘Awon’ tribute hunters on notice.

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