The Scare – My Teeth Don Turn Green?

June 4, 2022
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It was a very large party, but everything was on point, my guy in the Office was getting married, all of us come turn up. I give kudos to the organizers who arranged the hall so beautifully and provided enough seats for the many who attended. The packaging make sense well well.

The meal in the party was very delicious. The caterer wash him hand to cook the food.
Na so I dey chop, dey lick the cutlery, my fingers & lips make I no waste even the oil.

My dental arrangement forces me to use toothpicks or floss. Meat particles must stick, except I take extra care which I did not because of the savouriness of the meal. So when I chop the plenty meat, & still enjoying the yumminess of the mede mede, I just comot the toothpick from the wrapper begin remove meat particles from my teeth.

What! The toothpick don turn green. I come panic small. Wetin happen to my teeth? When the teeth decay reach the one wey e dey turn toothpick green? Negbe e ! Chiokike kwe nha ojo! I exclaimed in Ikwerre language.

Growing up, my Mama would from time to time examine our teeth to ensure we were brushing well and not developing any tooth problems. Often, she would find plaque & removing it would be the assignment for the period. I no understand why children no dey gree brush teeth o. But now, I no take the cleaning of my teeth play o; how come this thing escape my notice, I was flustered with wonderment & some disbelief. No, something must be wrong somewhere but having had green teeth in the past, I was confused.

Na so I take style check the other end of the toothpick; at least make I use that side try to see which kind color e go comot from my mouth.

Ah, my mind come rest, that one already dey green. Chai, these packaging don too much o. E even reach toothpick. Na later I come hear say depending on the flavor the toothpick could be yellow, red, white or even pink. The Green was flavored with mint.

Chai, I come breath well, this boy wan give me High BP. When he finish him Honeymoon we go see for Office. Lol