The path to Excellence – a Schoolboy Reminiscence

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My Leave period was ending & yet I hadn’t completed all the items on my to-do list for the period. So I drove to Gudu to get the comprehensive car wash on my list, no more excuses.

Coincidentally, it was at about that time that school closed. It was a great reminiscence as I saw the many children on the street returning from school. I just got transported back to the period when I walked back home from School with a similarly large crowd. My School was on the boundary between 2 towns and so at close, the school divided into 2 with each group going their separate ways. It was a beautiful sight to behold, such as I just saw.

As I looked at the large group that just closed from school and heading home, what kept playing in my mind is ‘in this group, there are Lawyers, Doctors, Scientists, Inventors, just name it’. The very thought of that brought tears to my eyes. How would we have known in those days when we roamed aimlessly that we were great men & women who just needed some dedication and time to fully reach our potentials? Who will tell these kids that there is a purpose to what they are doing and that no matter how rough it got that they should keep at it, be unwavering, and that success beacons?

What yet are you capable of accomplishing? What heights do you dream of? Stay the course, (or find it), be dedicated and you will see wonders happen to you as you persist in reaching your goals.

What is inside of you?

In every seed is a plant, sometimes it is even a giant tree such as a Sequoia. In an acorn is the Oak tree – the seed has the blueprint of the tree and when planted attracts the nutrients it needs to grow, this is if the nutrients are available in the environment. Will the tree grow into a tree – its true potential – or will it become stunted, depends on its environment.

Recall the large group of children returning home from school that we discussed earlier, with the potential Doctors, Lawyers & different professionals. But will they ever attain such potentials? I asked with pain in my heart.

Will the environment support them? Will they make the right decisions? A tree is in a seed, what is in you? Will you attain your potential?

A tree needs to be in the right condition, and needs to be planted in the right soil at the right time; where have you been planted? Are you able to draw the nutrients you need for growth? If the soil is not favourable do you have the means to transplant yourself or have you resigned yourself to fate or worse still believe you don’t have the time?

You are greater than a plant, you can make decisions that can change your life, what is holding you back? The potential that you have can be unfurled by learning. Are you going to emerge from the doldrums or are you just going to be a fire that never really caught on?

The choice is yours!

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9 Comments on “The path to Excellence – a Schoolboy Reminiscence”

  1. I often had doubts on whether or not I could reach my true potentials; knowing how small I am In life. This is very inspiring, Sir.

  2. I found my potentials late but I am still glad I did. I learnt to be resilient, doggie, focused and keep working towards and refining my goals.

  3. Just forwarded it to one of my mentees. I see an Oak tree inside of her each time we meet. But unemployment has created doubt and rocked her self esteem.
    Very inspiring

  4. What an inspiration brother. Thank you so much for the writeup. We have largely attained our potentials and as mentors need to provide direction for our wards and mentees. Thumps up

  5. What an inspiration brother. Thank you so much for the writeup. We have largely attained our potentials and as mentors need to provide direction for our wards and mentees. Thumps up

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