Lessons From When We Are Sick: Focus!

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Have you been sick before? Even if you have not, at least you have seen a sick person & can relate to the pain and agony. When you were sick, what was your prayer or most fervent wish? For most of us, the desire to get well was the most important thing, the only player we had. We may have … Read More

Unpack Your Bag of Expectations & Find Peace

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While shopping, my wife & I met the delectable Sabina, she was just rounding up her service year in my Office. She excitedly told us that the man who was with her is her fiancé. That’s great, I am an advocate of meaningful relationships & had wished to advise her but I have had to respect boundaries. After the felicitations, … Read More

To Find Joy, Find your Purpose!

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Why are you here? Where do we really go from here? Were questions that troubled me after a funeral I attended shortly after I turned 16. It was then I realized that finding our purpose in life is the most important thing there is. Truly, without answering those important questions, life is a rut and is quite meaningless. More and … Read More

What does success mean to you?

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To be successful means different things to different people. Even to people in the same activity, class, or event, success may mean a different thing to each one involved. For some, participating in an event like the Olympics is success; to others being in the top 5 of an activity is and yet to others only being number 1 qualifies … Read More

Start Now on your Goals – Part 1

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All other factors being equal, who will you help in his business venture?
The One, who has started, utilized all his resources & has reached his wit’s end
or the man who has refused to use any of the resources he has but wants you to pitch in yours so that he starts in a grand way?

The people who can help you achieve your life goals will not do so until they are sure you will not waste their resources and we can never know what help is available until we start the journey of actualizing our goals in life.

Many who believe in God attest to the fact that He acts in the same way. You got to start (FIRST) and then help will come, not the other way round.

Read how I learnt this as a boy.