How to Raise Money to Finance a Business

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For a long time, the talk around Investment and Business has been on creating more streams of income and of being able to make investments that create and enable one to live on passive income. The economic ruins that many people suffer as a result of the effects of the pandemic brought the subject to the fore again and exacerbated … Read More

Friends Before

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The changes are usually subtle, in little ways & in little things.These changes are wrought by our experiences, some are life-changing, some very minute. It could come resulting from an event or a series of events. Sometimes, introspection help one realizes what he is or what he should be & he makes the change. It could be triggered by a … Read More

Stop the Nonsense. Now.

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When I say ‘yes’, I am your friend and you adore me. I am the best thing next to sliced bread, abi na Jollof Rice? I am your brother & you cozy up to me. But when I say ‘no’? Wahala don enter. The world stops rotating. In a twinkle, I become the devil’s incarnate, a bad soul. That is … Read More