The Scare – My Teeth Don Turn Green?

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It was a very large party, but everything was on point, my guy in the Office was getting married, all of us come turn up. I give kudos to the organizers who arranged the hall so beautifully and provided enough seats for the many who attended. The packaging make sense well well. The meal in the party was very delicious. … Read More

Tales From Far Away…

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Corn & Pear go make Sense o We bought corn yesterday, haba, make person chop some familiar things from home. I just told Wifey as she talked about going out: ‘Abeg if you see Pear or Coconut make you buy make we use chop the corn’. ‘You be thief’ – na her response. Wetin I talk bad now? As we … Read More

‘Otula Ite’ – The Scramble For Joy

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A few times while growing up we fought over food. Not because there wasn’t enough food for everyone but well if you said it wasn’t enough you won’t be wrong – there was never enough of the favorite part of the food which we fought over. This food crisis always surfaced anytime the offering was a porridge – Otor, yam, … Read More