How To Maximize Children’s Benefits Of The Use Of Devices

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Introduction The Children these days come into this world with a fascination for screens (TV, Tablets, Laptops & Phones especially). As babies, they react to anything about the phone – ring, talk, music, chime, and other sounds. Then, we fully onboard them by using the phone to keep them occupied or distracted so we can work or have some peace. … Read More

Find Work For Your Children

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Are you creating opportunities for your kids & wards to become financially well-educated and for them to practice what you have taught them? It is good, in fact, encouraged to assign chores to children in accord with their age and abilities. These chores are their contributions to the smooth running of the home. But within that context, you can give … Read More

The Power of Allowances

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Financial Literacy For Children Financial literacy and intelligence is something most of us learned or are currently learning now as adults. Imagine what good it would have done us if the things we know today we knew them 10 years ago or best of all when we were teenagers or even younger. Do you think you can help your kids … Read More