What Lens are You Looking at the World With?

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These days, everyone in the Office is using Glasses. It does appear that using the computer for so long is taking its toll on our sights. Yours faithfully is not exempt. It is so hard to read anything without the glasses and so to avoid stories that touch the soul I have 2 pairs. One of which I keep permanently … Read More

Detecting & Correcting The Faults

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People generally agree that the statement ‘our transformer don blow’ is one of the most traumatic statements to a typical Nigerian, almost in the range of ‘person don die’. The electrical transformer steps down high voltage electricity and makes it safe to use in the home and factories. Unfortunately, due to several endemic issues, power supply is epileptic and the … Read More

Let Your Talent Grow: Start

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As I thought about the ‘parable of the talent’ in the scriptures, it just hit me that beyond spiritual gifts which of course is its main focus,  everyone alive has plenty talents wrapped as great ideas, skills, and abilities that can make his/her life and that of others better. The big question is what are you doing with them? Our … Read More

War is Coming

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The only thing that can unite mankind is an attack on earth by Aliens – President Ronald Reagan, 1987 For many years now despite the lack of any solid physical evidence, the movie world have been preparing us for the attack by ‘aliens’ & the unity of the human race in prosecuting that war. Soon, there will indeed be such … Read More