Stop the Nonsense. Now.

November 23, 2020
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When I say ‘yes’, I am your friend and you adore me. I am the best thing next to sliced bread, abi na Jollof Rice? I am your brother & you cozy up to me.

But when I say ‘no’? Wahala don enter. The world stops rotating. In a twinkle, I become the devil’s incarnate, a bad soul. That is regardless of the million times I had said ‘yes’ previously.

For money matters, your money is for you to flex & do your own things. Mine is to keep safe for you to borrow or dash you whenever you need it to continue your flexing, and if perchance, I am unable to quickly avail you of the cash, heavens begin to crash. In the voice of the popular Nigerian Comedian @mrmacaroni1 ‘are you normal?’

Our wants are always bigger than our resources. Na so e be for everybody o regardless of their economic realities – how much money dem get. You go don hear am before – ‘Bigman, big trouble!’ Na N50k be your problem? That Don wey you think say na bottomless pit, ‘River that Never Dries’ get problem of N10m wey go swallow your own problems as Moses’ snake swallow Pharoah Magicians own for Bible Story.

If our friends help us, make we appreciate am. Often, they have suspended solving their own ‘way, way bigger problems’ to assist you. If them no fit help, make we chill, them no be our enemy o, them too get their own wahala, no be because them no tell you. And even if them wan enjoy their money small, as you dey do with your own; abeg leave them. Nobody owes us anything!