Start Now on your Goals – Part 2

October 5, 2020
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‘Will you be in the camp next week?’ A colleague asked me.

 ‘Yes,’  I responded still busy with my work with my thoughts on the Bootcamp on workforce planning holding the next week.

I remember how I used to look at people with awe when they make statements like ‘I left the University 20 years ago’. I’ll quickly run a program to determine where I was at that time & many times I’d feel very small.

So I felt sorry for the lady when I saw her response & how wildly her eyes shone when her maths told her she was still in diapers when I left the University. She obviously mistook me for another Corper and she was the Colleague who asked if I was going to be in the Camp (NYSC) where I guess Corps members had an event. I smiled as I remember how I used to feel when people told they left the University long long ago.

Whatever you think is worth pursuing don’t let anything stop you from doing so. It may take a long long time to achieve; it may take a lot of effort, but please start, take it a day at a time & before you know it you’d achieve all the things that awe you now & much more & you can easily mentor others. And whether you start or not, you’d still be older each year.

Are you afraid you will fail? You will attest that there are things you have done that frightened you at a time because of how magnificent they looked? What’s holding you back now? You can do it!

If it is worth doing, please start. If the expected results are worthy, don’t let anything stop you.

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