Obliteration of Advantages, War ends Soon

June 20, 2022
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Man to man we proved who was superior. An agrieved man may corner his fellow and prove who was stronger.

Then as people increased, it was the number of people. In hand-to-hand combat, you needed strong men to fight.
Then simple weapons – knives and spears eliminated that advantage. No one was a strong match for a knife-wielding maniac.
The use of horses and Elephants in battle, in addition to using swords, bows & arrows vitiated previous advantages.
Then came the mighty gunpowder. It was used to subjugate nations. People more intelligent and resourceful fell to bands of bandits from across the ocean. It has long been the basis of superiority. A choice weapon of pillagers.

Airpower belittled ordinary Guns, we could go farther and faster than we have ever done.

With warplanes fitted with fearsome weapons, men then trodded down all remaining defenses, built or imagined.
Now the basis of power is the bomb, albeit nuclear. Coupled with ballistic capabilities.
No one wants to interfere, such as now.

Mutual Assured Destruction that was to keep the peace has become World Assured Helplessness. No one dares to interfere, directly. Lest….

Soon, a force greater than nuclear will arise.

In the hands of the Just everything will be alright. For we have been told ‘He will make wars to cease to the extrimity of the Earth’ and “Nations will not lift up swords against nations, nor will they learn war anymore’.
And peace is finally restored.
I believe. I can literally touch it.

*Psalms 46:9, Isaiah 2:4

Pic. credit: https://www.businessinsider.com/north-korea-nuclear-warhead-damage-map-united-states-2017-10?r=US&IR=T