Mr. Entitled, Blame Me Not, I Do Not Blame You

January 14, 2021
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We passed each other on the street, he looked at me, I looked at him. I didn’t say a greeting; he did not say a greeting. I don’t blame him, he shouldn’t blame me.

We exchanged our contact details. He has a phone, I have one too. We both make calls regularly. He didn’t call me, I didn’t call him. I do not blame him, he should not blame me.

He has his problems, I have my problems. Irregularly, he shares his problems with me; I do too with him. We all need shoulders to cry on. He helps me resolve my problems within his resources, that’s what he has got. I also pitch in advice, money and other resources to solve his problems; I give all I can give. I don’t blame him for not doing more, he shouldn’t blame me. I no fit do pass my power.

He works and makes money. I work and make money as well. He doesn’t give me an account of how he manages his money. I also exercise the liberty to use the way I want. I do not blame him; he shouldn’t blame me.

It is happening yet he did not tell me for his good reasons. Then it happens for me and I choose not to tell him for my good reasons, please let it not be the death knell of our friendship. I don’t blame him, he shouldn’t blame me.

On and on it goes with many people who expect of others what they would never do for those people or any other at that. When you weep or you win, they are so effusive and want to know all the little irrelevant details, but they will never share with you why they frown or smile; they are coded! We all agree it must stop because we don’t like it when we are at the receiving end. But we like to feel the victim when we are ‘Him’, the ‘Chief’ of another’s life and affairs.

Make we stop all this nonsense o.

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