Gizzard Wonder

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It is still one chicken, one gizzard right? One chicken has to be ‘harvested’ for one gizzard to be available for food. Abi e don change? The number of gizzards I see every day, I am concerned about the number of chickens that must go under the knife. Abi does Gizzard grow in the lab or some chickens grow more … Read More

Naira Round Trip

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Will the particular Naira note you spend ever come back to you? That was a question that troubled me as a boy & so I wrote my initials on every note I used to be sure it is the same notes when I received them. As I paid for fuel this evening & saw a signed note among the bunch, … Read More

Be Calm As You Resolve Your Problems

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The touch of the warm water on my skin following the cold night was quite stimulating and awakening. I think it was in the euphoria of that abandon that I poured water into my ear. The ringing sensation in my head reminded me of the many times water has entered my ear while bathing, swimming, or generally playing in a … Read More

Let Your Talent Grow: Start

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As I thought about the ‘parable of the talent’ in the scriptures, it just hit me that beyond spiritual gifts which of course is its main focus,  everyone alive has plenty talents wrapped as great ideas, skills, and abilities that can make his/her life and that of others better. The big question is what are you doing with them? Our … Read More

Start Now on your Goals – Part 1

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All other factors being equal, who will you help in his business venture?
The One, who has started, utilized all his resources & has reached his wit’s end
or the man who has refused to use any of the resources he has but wants you to pitch in yours so that he starts in a grand way?

The people who can help you achieve your life goals will not do so until they are sure you will not waste their resources and we can never know what help is available until we start the journey of actualizing our goals in life.

Many who believe in God attest to the fact that He acts in the same way. You got to start (FIRST) and then help will come, not the other way round.

Read how I learnt this as a boy.

Consistency in Discipline

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The child said he wanted consistency in discipline. “If you asked me ‘have you bath? And I don’t answer you take my silence as a ‘No’ and you order me, sometimes with the added burden of ‘a threat of punishment’, to stop whatever I am doing and go and bathe”. Then all of a sudden there is an act of … Read More

Bread and I

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Whenever the annals of this world are written & earthly delights are collated, freshly baked bread will be in the top echelon. The smell & taste of freshly baked bread has to be among the joys of life. – Weli Kemka Bread and I have had a chequered history. Right beside my school was Unity Bakery, just where the Bus … Read More

War is Coming

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The only thing that can unite mankind is an attack on earth by Aliens – President Ronald Reagan, 1987 For many years now despite the lack of any solid physical evidence, the movie world have been preparing us for the attack by ‘aliens’ & the unity of the human race in prosecuting that war. Soon, there will indeed be such … Read More

Capture masked like a Surrender

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In every war, the sweetest phrase from the enemy is ‘I surrender’.Two words that end misery and pain and ruin.In one instance surrender was masked in such a way to capture the Prince & win the war by declaring a stalemate. In Eden, in a desperate act of sabotage, Satan led man into rebellious secession.He tried very much to hide … Read More