Them Tribute Hunters

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Should I say the man is kind, loving, and helpful whereas he is the very opposite, and really is an epitome of meanness? Should I say he is godly and wise and is a scion of integrity whereas we all know differently? ‘Say good things because he’s retiring o!’ They would insist. What if he’s the bastion of corruption, an … Read More

Find Work For Your Children

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Are you creating opportunities for your kids & wards to become financially well-educated and for them to practice what you have taught them? It is good, in fact, encouraged to assign chores to children in accord with their age and abilities. These chores are their contributions to the smooth running of the home. But within that context, you can give … Read More

Don’t Envy Her, She Envies You!

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lllk Every day they pass each other on the trail, my exercise trail for health, for balance Each of them with some regrets that I could feel One to worship & sad that all her expectations have not been met and what she thinks the other has, she lacks The other to catch some sleep & sad that what the … Read More

Stop the Nonsense. Now.

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When I say ‘yes’, I am your friend and you adore me. I am the best thing next to sliced bread, abi na Jollof Rice? I am your brother & you cozy up to me. But when I say ‘no’? Wahala don enter. The world stops rotating. In a twinkle, I become the devil’s incarnate, a bad soul. That is … Read More

The Power of Allowances

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Financial Literacy For Children Financial literacy and intelligence is something most of us learned or are currently learning now as adults. Imagine what good it would have done us if the things we know today we knew them 10 years ago or best of all when we were teenagers or even younger. Do you think you can help your kids … Read More

‘I am Not In The Mood’

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Have you ever said ‘I am not in the mood as the reason for not doing something?’ I think we all have. As the car rolled out of the driveway, my audiobook started to play. But I impulsively paused it as quick as I could. I was not in the mood to listen to anything. Catching the feeling, I realized … Read More

‘He Is My Friend’

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To consider and treat someone as your friend is one of the best ways to maintain good relations with others. Friendship is the highest form of affinity in human relations – It turns strangers to blood. And without it, all other relationships would be mechanical – going through the motions – without joy and happiness. For example, for love to … Read More

Start Now on your Goals – Part 2

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‘Will you be in the camp next week?’ A colleague asked me.  ‘Yes,’  I responded still busy with my work with my thoughts on the Bootcamp on workforce planning holding the next week. I remember how I used to look at people with awe when they make statements like ‘I left the University 20 years ago’. I’ll quickly run a … Read More

Start, Persist & Finish Successfully

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One day as you start on your journey or quest, it will be ‘Day 1, 99 Days to go’. And day #100 would seem so far away. Someday it would ‘Day 99, 1 Day to finish’I am sure you smiled at this prospect. Start & be persistent & your ‘Day #100’ is just around the corner! Related Article: