What Lens are You Looking at the World With?

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These days, everyone in the Office is using Glasses. It does appear that using the computer for so long is taking its toll on our sights. Yours faithfully is not exempt. It is so hard to read anything without the glasses and so to avoid stories that touch the soul I have 2 pairs. One of which I keep permanently … Read More

Unpack Your Bag of Expectations & Find Peace

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While shopping, my wife & I met the delectable Sabina, she was just rounding up her service year in my Office. She excitedly told us that the man who was with her is her fiancé. That’s great, I am an advocate of meaningful relationships & had wished to advise her but I have had to respect boundaries. After the felicitations, … Read More

Tobi Amusan’s Guano Lessons

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All through yesterday and most of this morning, I have been seeing lots of tributes to Ijebuland in honor of its indigenes our super girl Tobi Amusan, Anthony Joshua, and Isreal Adesanya who are champion Boxers. Most of the messages have the same format: ‘From Anthony Joshua to Isreal and now Tobi – It must be something in the Ijebu … Read More


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From conception and thereafter, certain hardwired predispositions are imposed upon us. Within these are varieties that nonetheless make us human. In the subconscious quest for our differences, we almost always arrive at facts that make us quite similar, to put it mildly. Even the inanimate are subject to dynamic laws, whether terrestrial or extraterrestrial, as the case may be. Aside … Read More

How Do You Learn? – Imbibe the Entrepreneurial Mode of Learning

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Entrepreneurs are a great asset to Mankind. Entrepreneurs commercialize their inventions and innovations to give us a better, richer life. Entrepreneurship can be expressed either in a private or corporate setting. Many start businesses; others innovate within other people’s businesses. Everyone who works is an entrepreneur – they trade their skills, talent, and competencies for some compensation. Some choose to … Read More


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After working hard for many months, the deal fell through. We had done our best, worked as hard as we knew how and we really bemoaned the outcome. As we reviewed all that had transpired we comforted ourselves with the phrase ‘it is not God’s will’. For a long time after that, I kept wondering if it really was not … Read More

Is it worth doing?

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Be as you wish to seem Socrates Who likes to be shamed & embarrassed publicly, perhaps in the presence of loved and admired ones, family, friends, associates, and acquaintances? None I suppose. I asked a question a while ago, ‘when you were caught & were profusely sorry, was it because you felt remorse about the bad thing you did or … Read More