Let Your Talent Grow: Start

September 24, 2020
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As I thought about the ‘parable of the talent’ in the scriptures, it just hit me that beyond spiritual gifts which of course is its main focus,  everyone alive has plenty talents wrapped as great ideas, skills, and abilities that can make his/her life and that of others better. The big question is what are you doing with them?

Our talents (gifts, endowments, skills, abilities, etc) are like seeds and as long as they remain in the jar preserving them, they will remain just that- seeds! But the moment you take the step in planting them, they attract the nutrients they need from the soil and air and they become all sorts of trees – oak, mahogany, mango, apple & so on. Plant your ideas by starting! Those worthwhile goals and schemes that you rigmarole on all along and afraid of initiating? Don’t let anything stop you. Start Now!

Like the story of the talent, it does appear too that the same gift you have has been distributed to other people in differing measures. If you don’t act, you will likely see another person doing so under all kinds of circumstances and excelling in it and probably not as well as you could have. Worse of all, in years to come, you may be compelled to start and you’d regret why you didn’t start earlier.

Let your talent grow. Plant & nurture them.

What are you waiting for? That talent you have may not bring you a lot of material benefits now, but you will find joy building it and it will surely make the world a better place. Perhaps you make people laugh, write, paint, draw, speak, sew, produce, dance, and sing very well; go on & do something productive in that area. Unearth your talent from the mud where it lies buried and hidden and plant it in good soil. The World eagerly awaits the blessings you bring and God who gave you the talent is ready to give you the resources you need to excel. But you must start!

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Matthew 25:14 -30

Image credits: seeds in a Jar: https://www.themeatguy.jp; Growing plants: https://www.vpr.org/