It Is What You Make Of It….

July 3, 2022
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No time is a good or bad time.

It is often what you make of it!

During the Pandemic & because of it, some people have become richer. Some have become healthier, wiser, more prudent, studious, etc. Some have also lost some things, unfortunately.

It is not necessarily the time, it is what you can make of the challenging times & how you cope with them.

If you face an economic crisis you may bemoan and that is ok. But that also presents you an opportunity to learn how to manage your resources better; cut off unnecessary wants and concentrate on what you truly need.

If you face other problems, that may be an opportunity for you to take a step back from the world’s hectic pace and get answers to some of life’s pressing questions.

If what you gain is greater than what you lost, you have turned the situation into a great one. Don’t look at what you lost, think also of what you have gained.