Is What You See Real?

December 17, 2022
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I do not remember where and how we got the pair of medicated glasses but for a while, it was our most cherished toy.

We would wear it and try to walk, run and jump.

The glasses made things look farther and smaller than they really were. It distorted the view & was quite disorienting when we used it. As kids, me & my friends, who were mostly my cousins, found this to be amusing.

The most interesting pastime was jumping from a wall in the School Assembly Hall, the height about 2 feet higher than the window level of a standard modern house. To use it would seem that you are jumping a distance quadruple that. The shock of the impact of hitting the ground whereas the mind has recorded a longer distance still to go exhilarated us.

We felt very dizzy afterward. But it was fun. Fun derived from what I know now to be unreal.

You may be facing hard times. Are you sure what you are seeing is real? Could it be that the hard times you face now are ‘unreal’ like the distances we jumped in those days?

Is the stress from the problem or how you see it? Perhaps, the load is not heavy, it is how we carry it. Perhaps too, the distance is not much, it is the many diversions that you are taking.

Think about it.