Is it worth doing?

July 3, 2022
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Be as you wish to seem


Who likes to be shamed & embarrassed publicly, perhaps in the presence of loved and admired ones, family, friends, associates, and acquaintances?

None I suppose.

I asked a question a while ago, ‘when you were caught & were profusely sorry, was it because you felt remorse about the bad thing you did or because you were caught and shame loomed? If nobody knew; if you were never found will you be remorseful and make amends, restitution, pledge never to repeat & work at it?

Integrity is hard to find in the world today. Most times when people think that they can get away with crime, they do it.

The sorrowing you see afterward, when caught has nothing to do with remorse but the regret of being caught.

Even if we have not been divinely tutored we can get by, avoiding much folly if we are alert & avoid things that lead to trouble. Unfortunately, we see a few people prosper in unlawful ways and that seems quite attractive but what is success without happiness?

People hate being shamed. If only they avoided the things that lead to it with the same abhorrence, we would be in Paradise already!

Spare us the tears, check yourself today & see whether there are things leading to shame that you are currently embarked on & please make the needed adjustments!