Going to the University – Facing the Challenges Effectively and Thriving

November 14, 2021
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The University is a wonderful place of learning that transverses the academic into the social, philosophical, technical, and indeed all aspects of life.

People learn practical skills they use to work, play, live, and better the world.

The University is also a place where dreams die. It is a place where people unable to handle the pressure often capsize and get lost instead of discovering & developing their talents.

When I went to University I was very mature but the pressure & distraction was very much and strong.

It took a lot of willpower, strength from God, support from nature Christian brothers & sisters to constantly align & realign myself to achieve my goals.

Today, people much younger than I was when I entered are already graduating. My heart goes out to them. I often wonder how they cope.

And so, as part of my CLS series, I plan to develop materials & mentor kids getting into the University.

You will find the 1st in the University Series entitled – Going to the University.

Feel free to download & if you have young kids who are due for or already in the University you may adapt the material to suit them.