God’s Blessings

July 3, 2022
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‘May God bless you.’

Where does your mind go?

For most people, it is lots & lots of money.

When people think/talk/pray for God’s blessings, they often zero in on financial benefits.

It is the greatest folly to be materially rich but poor spiritually or mentally & emotionally retarded.

In order of priority, seek 1st to meet your spiritual needs, becoming friends with your Maker. Then armed with the relationship with your Creator seek all other healthy states: mental, emotional, financial & physical.

What should it be?

When you think of God’s blessings do you ever say ‘God please bless me with wisdom; with good health; with the ability to deal with my emotions; the ability to manage relationships; have peace; have spiritually enlightened family members?

Material things are important but like it is said ‘there are things that are importanter’. If you think it is a lie, draw close to a rich person & you will know for sure!