Friends Before

January 14, 2021
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The changes are usually subtle, in little ways & in little things.
These changes are wrought by our experiences, some are life-changing, some very minute. It could come resulting from an event or a series of events. Sometimes, introspection help one realizes what he is or what he should be & he makes the change. It could be triggered by a speech or some written material.

In the last year, I have thus been changed!
Who I am now is slightly different from who I was a year ago, I know this.
The extent of the chasm of the change you’d notice in me depends on who you are, what your values are, etc.

If you have a friend that you have not kept in touch with for up to a year, don’t assume that based on the past he’s still that old person. You may be disappointed, badly if you do. Consider, for example, if your changes led you to the ‘South’ & he went to the ‘North’. Therefore, when you reestablish relations determine the extent of the chasm before you make assumptions that could badly damage a relationship in need of a reevaluation.

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