Feel it, Say it!

March 25, 2021
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It’s hard for people to say to others ‘what you did or said or how you acted hurt my feelings, embarrassed me, or made me look stupid’. We just bottle up instead of telling our friends, brothers, acquaintances how we feel about what they have or haven’t done; said or not said.

Ego (pride), Shame, Shyness, Fear, are factors that make us bottle up to our peril. Sometimes we may feel that the relationship isn’t worth it, or we may feel that we are expecting too much of the person if we opened up. At other times we are afraid the other person may make fun of our pain or blow things out of proportion and tell us straight in the face ‘go to hell, I don’t care.’

Good relations can only come when we say how we feel and are appreciated.

Unfortunately, the World thinks it is a weakness to show how you feel. But you tell me, which requires more strength: To say how you feel or to bottle up & simmer in pain?

Good relations can only come when we can summon the strength & say how we feel & help people learn how to treat us right!

We also gain a lot when we tell people we appreciate them.

I love you

I appreciate you

I am sorry

Thank you for being there for me

I enjoyed your company

What else do you need to say to someone wey dey ‘heavy’ you for mouth?

And then when people we relate with break all barriers to talk to us about how they feel, let us neither degrade nor mock them but help them to become the best versions of themselves.

Feel it? Say it within moral limits!

Image Credit: https://www.budtoboss.com/