Don’t Envy Her, She Envies You!

December 7, 2020
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Every day they pass each other on the trail, my exercise trail for health, for balance

Each of them with some regrets that I could feel

One to worship & sad that all her expectations have not been met and what she thinks the other has, she lacks

The other to catch some sleep & sad that what the other truly has, she does not

I see them both every morning & I laugh & I wish I could speak, but…


She walks out at the crack of dawn

At the hint of twilight

Clutching her purse

At times he strides out with her

At other times, she appears a solitary figure walking down the trail

When you get close she smells of the best perfumes ever

When you meet her up

She lifts her head to give an appearance of pride

But she is destitute

Oh, woman do not envy her, she envies you

She looks up at you and wishes she were you


Who says she does not want to sleep over

Who says she abhors cuddling in the early morning hours

Who says she does not want to lose those human hair that has been hanging on her for ages

Though you think she is free, she lives in bondage, she roams

She wishes she has a home to call her own

She wants to be free like you

She longs for all the aborts

Mornings, as she leaves the warm embrace of the men

She sheds a tear and hopes that someday she will have her own man

She weeps when she’s at it not for joy but sorrow

And wishes to be like you

She’s the slave and you are the free woman

Oh dear woman do not take for granted what you have got

Do not take for granted that he loved you enough to ask you to be his wife

Rejoice and enjoy your home


You think she likes being a Dealer?

Coated all year round with fine paintings, powdered

She wants to get off all of that

She sometimes wants to bath. Wash off

She wishes to sleep all day in carefree, knowing that her man will return to her

Not need to look for a different embrace but to be embraced by the one she loves and who loves her dearly

She weeps even when she sleeps

Who to blame?

Everyone but She.


Oh dear woman do not jeopardize your home

Do not envy her, she envies you

She looks up at you and wishes she were you

Rejoice and enjoy your home

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