Consistency in Discipline

September 22, 2020
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The child said he wanted consistency in discipline.

“If you asked me ‘have you bath? And I don’t answer you take my silence as a ‘No’ and you order me, sometimes with the added burden of ‘a threat of punishment’, to stop whatever I am doing and go and bathe”.

Then all of a sudden there is an act of mischief in the house, like undeclared broken glass and if I keep quiet when I am asked ‘Child, are you the one who broke the glass?’ you just pronounce me guilty. The answer to you becomes ‘yes!’

I wish that my silence mean either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ & that you be consistent’

The laughter no be here. See sense!

The Pikin does not know that we have been around for a long time; done all; he probably thinks he invented ‘the golden silence’ tactics of avoiding responsibilities. Considering that we have never been wrong in the different ways we have interpreted his silence must show him that there is more to the determination to what he says or doesn’t say.

Like the child, we all SHOW (by many other means and not speech or lack of it) what we are no matter how well guarded we think we are. The mask gets off sometimes and people who are observant can see what we truly are even if we adopt the ‘the golden silence’ personality all the time.

To be successful in managing human relations you must observe people’s actions. Watch them closely; what they do and don’t do & their reaction to issues will tell you who they are and where they stand even if their words or silence expressly indicates otherwise. Their consistency, like the boy requested does not work.

Now when he is questioned, he knows that to speak up will save him a lot of trouble. You should too; no pretenses.

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