Capture masked like a Surrender

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In every war, the sweetest phrase from the enemy is ‘I surrender’.
Two words that end misery and pain and ruin.
In one instance surrender was masked in such a way to capture the Prince & win the war by declaring a stalemate.

In Eden, in a desperate act of sabotage, Satan led man into rebellious secession.
He tried very much to hide his involvement by acting like a Ventriloquist
But where can we hide from God? The rulership he sought by subterfuge was thrust on him.
War was declared!
Work to restore perfection was put in place & with doom imminent, the Rebels resisted further.

For centuries Sin ruled as King, with a brief interval when the Law was in operation until the Christ came to set matters clear.
He set a model & provided a ransom
In Christ’s first encounter with him, the Devil offered to surrender bringing his ‘staff of authority & insignia’ as is customary of every General surrendering.
‘All these things I will give you’ – offering him the Earth
I will return the rulership to you, for you are the rightful King

‘You don’t need to die & offer a ransom’
‘You don’t need to wait after resurrection for millennials to receive the kingship’
‘You can prevent all the suffering that will come to your people if this war continues’
‘Begin to rule now, your way is the best, I surrender’.
But ‘You’d fall down and do an act of worship to me’
‘Acknowledge me as a dogged and worthy adversary’
That checkmate would have ended the war but it would have granted amnesty to the greatest criminal in history & his cohorts & ended our hope of restitution and return.

Like The Maker, the Christ doesn’t have a ‘Mumu button’
He cannot be tricked or incited to act
It was not surrender, it was capture.
The envisaged stalemate was appropriately checkmated
Salvation is still in the offing
We will always be thankful!

Right now we near the end
The war will end in the abolition of rebellion
Time runs out for the secessionist and they know
That is the reason for the crisis.
More crises will come!

Genesis 3. Matthew 4.






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  1. And one beautiful thing is that as this system of things end, rebellion and its attendant woes to mankind will ‘NEVER’ rear its ugly head again, unlike previous ends of wickedness, that saw wickedness resurface. That scriptural reassurance at NAHUM 1:9 is comforting and acts as a galvanizer for true Christians. I love your piece Kemka.

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