Be Calm As You Resolve Your Problems

October 4, 2020
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The touch of the warm water on my skin following the cold night was quite stimulating and awakening. I think it was in the euphoria of that abandon that I poured water into my ear.

The ringing sensation in my head reminded me of the many times water has entered my ear while bathing, swimming, or generally playing in a puddle.

As I calmly tilted & shook my head giving a slight jump to get the water out, I smiled as I reminisced how in ages past I handled water in my ear as a catastrophic incident.

Water in the ear can be so discomforting, I am sure you have experienced it before. Everything sounds hollow and you have this weird sensation, everything sounding so far away & you wish for nothing more than for the water to get out.

I remember one particular incident that brought almost everyone in my large compound to my aid as I wailed about water in my ear. I was told to jump, to shake my head & many other schemes but the water would not come out. My Papa sat bemused as we hustled to get the water out. Walking away from the charade that had disturbed him he calmly told me ‘don’t worry yourself about that, you will have some little discomfort, but the water will get out eventually, if not sooner, then when you sleep, it will go out & you will even get a nice warm sensation as the water leaves your ear’.

And that was exactly what happened.

Most times the troubles we face in life are like that water in the ear. We can panic when we face these troubles as I did as a kid with water in his ear, or we can calmly face it and let it resolve itself, as we all do now when we get water in our ears. It is up to you.

Many of the troubles are resolved by the passage of time. Many at times, even if you did nothing other than endure the discomfort, the trouble, challenge, problem, or whatever you call it soon streams out of your life leaving you free of worry. Another downside of being in terror is that often when we panic we get all manner of advice, some being counterproductive like those I got as a scared kid in a panic to get water out of my ear. Be wary of all the advice you get & ensure you are not hurting yourself for something that doesn’t matter.

The things that cause you pain –  that insult or disregard, the gossip,  the lack of funds to buy the things you desire,  that comment or lack of it, reduced income, would it matter in a few days, months or years? Probably not, why then ‘make a scene’ and cause yourself plenty of sorrow for something that is worth nothing?

Whatever problems, troubles, or challenges you face please apply my Papa’s advice: ‘don’t worry yourself about that, you will have some little discomfort, but the water (trouble) will get out eventually. If not sooner, then when you sleep (as time passes), it will go out & you will even get a nice warm sensation (strength, experience) as the water leaves your ear (life)’.

Good speed to you as you get the water in your ears out with stoic calmness!

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