Aminu Usman – A Good Man Exits

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When she approached us with her tale, we burst into laughter but as the woman’s demeanor dropped we became more empathetic. Aminu took the lead in calming and reassuring her that ‘it is ok’. As the lady strode out to implement the tips we had given her, we descended into the savoriness of the African Pear the Igbos call Ube. This time around, Mabel took the lead. Just kidding, yours truly, did!

You see after a week of eating only Apples, the Panel members asked the quaint lady who catered to add Pear to the fruits she provided as desert. She wasn’t acquainted with the variety of English Pear they had in mind & good a thing for us it was the season for Ube & that was what she loaded for the Panel member. They formed ‘Oyibos’, rejected the pear & that was how the lady met us at the secretariat, tearful, perhaps thinking she had lost the contract.

It was some years later that I fully realized that Aminu had done a major de-escalation by the unique way he talked to the lady. He reassured her that she had done nothing wrong; took her mind off the rebuke she must have got from the panel members & by the time he asked her what she was going to serve the following day I remember she had relaxed. When she left us she was smiling again; Aminu naturally spread joy.

Gentleman per excellence

This morning as I looked at the Hearse bearing Aminu’s corpse, with tears flowing all around, memories of this good man just flooded my mind. The many assignments we went on together including the Ube one in Enugu. His dedication and wealth of knowledge – quite outstanding! If we were on a deadline, Aminu was ready to delay lunch and prayers to get us to a ‘safe point’ before any luxuries or essentials. The meticulousness was superb and uncanny. If not done well, then we had to exert ourselves to get it done again, but that never really happened, as long as he was there, we got it right the 1st time.

Once out of nowhere, it became a challenge and Aminu could give us the number of several accounts for different vote heads, that was a feat for me considering that the only string of numbers above 4 digits that I know are my phone numbers & my wife’s. Facing any hardship and in need of a small or large amount to fix the problem? Aminu was the man to talk to. He also had plenty reservoir of knowledge for practically any situation, I guess being able to lift oneself from obscurity had its benefits. He sure did well in self-development, rising through the ranks at work and being so humble you’d hardly know his status in any gathering.

Aminu was not wavering in his response to things. He’s a typical example of the saying that no matter how and when you squeeze an orange it will always bring forth orange juice. Under pressure, in pain, embarrassed, calm or otherwise Aminu only gave forth smiles, comfort, and some deep-rooted niceness issuing from a fountain as it were. When you met him in the morning or at other times, Aminu would give that reassuring bearhug as if to say, ‘I am here bro. nothing we no fit face together!’ At the worst situations he’d tell me ‘Weliman’, as he fondly called me, ‘I go call you later, make I tidy this thing’. Even his dismissal was urbane and cultured.

The Souks saw us

His view and attitude to work was at optimum levels. His views about politics and political happenings stood him out as detribalized. He was a religious extremist – that’s because his religion was love, he just loved everybody! Yeah, I got you there. He sought only the good for everyone. He made sure that where there were benefits to be had, he spread the joy. He was a great family man who cared about his family and their welfare was a top priority for him. He told me he found the publications of the Witnesses, especially the Awake Magazine helpful and that he always gave his children to read & afterward, he’d question them to be sure they understood it. No matter the differences in beliefs he was keen to digest the valuable when he saw it. Then there was that incident with a teacher that involved his son at our children’s school which I brought to his attention. The Principal was greatly impressed with the expertise that he called me to heap praises on Aminu, he told me ‘instead the man go vex, he resolved the issues and come dash us plenty cash. We need parents like that!’ Indeed we need people like Aminu, all round.

After Class during the course in Dubai

The most memorable of all my encounters with Aminu was the week we spent with Banjo in an Apartment at Lotus Apartment in Dubai. Na there everybody display him skills for cooking or utter lack of it. Some days we would begin the shopping and sightseeing right after the classes jumping into the Mazes of the Dubai Mall. Other days we would get to the Apartment 1st, refresh and go out. I can not forget the journeys we made to the Outlet Mall at the outskirts of the City, the tour of Dubai as we hopped from one fun place to another. The sights as we walked the old quarter of Dubai, the ‘wows’ as we discussed the transformation of the city, especially as we toured the City Museum and how such profound development could be replicated back home. I remember our wandering around the Mall of the Emirates as we looked for accommodations for our Colleagues who were due for a course the week after ours. Before we knew it we had walked for over 3 hours & reluctantly giving up we got back to the hotel fatigued and laughed at our folly of believing the people who told us the hotel we were looking for was just around the corner whereas it wasn’t & how we went round and round, lost.

After a million tries, I was able to get a perfect shot during our night time tour of Dubai City.

Naked we came, naked we will leave (Job 1:21), what matters is how we lived and the impact we had on the world and on people. Aminu, in the decade I knew him made a great impression on me regarding what a man should be on many fronts and the general report is that he was a good man.

Death seems to be hitting harder as the day goes by but this demise ranks among the hardest. Aminu has gone into the list of special people I wish to see again when God’s promise of a new earth found in Revelation Chapter 21: 3 – 5 is fulfilled. So on I’d wait until the day Jesus calls & Aminu will rise (John 5:28). May Jehovah grant my prayers.

41 Comments on “Aminu Usman – A Good Man Exits”

  1. This is so beautiful and touching, Aminu was a great man, loved by all. We will all miss him so much. May his soul rest in peace 🙏🏽.

  2. Kemka the Lord God will console everyone that Oga Aminu left behind. We love him but God love him more than us.

  3. My first contact with Aminu was in Kano, in 2011. He was the secretary of my interview panel. He was so nice that he got us relaxed despite the palpable tension of impending drilling by the panel. After my interview, surprisingly, Aminu congratulated me na d said “see you soon” then offered me his phone number to follow up with him for updates. I was blown away by such faith he’d put in me. Being from Jos, I didn’t expect kindness from someone of the other faith…but it was given! Eventually, I joined him as colleagues. He calls me “The Barr” and is always excited to see me. He’s told me that I’m one recruit that he’s remains excited about. Alas, being told about his departure left me speechless. I hope this note would make sense. Aminu, thank you for representating the ethos expected in our dimming society. You have done well. Adieu

  4. I am awed by all that is said about Aminu. I just got to know him a few months ago. Indeed, he was a very humble man . I pray that Jehovah remembers him for good and comfort the family he left behind.

  5. Inna lilahi wa inna ilehi rajiun.

    What else can one say? What query can you give? Query to who?

    Where does one start? A brotherly relationship that started in 1997/ 1998 in the office but steadily crawled into our homes. And surely stayed firmly rooted in the consciousness and/ subconsciousness of all family members. All becoming one. What else can I say? Nothing more. Allah surely knows best!!!

    May Allah forgive Aminu’s shortcomings and grant him Aljanah Firdaus. May He grant the wife, kids, family members, friends, & colleagues, the fortitide to bear the loss, ameen. It’s sure a great loss, but that cannot be questioned.

    Rest in perfect peace, Aminu. You shall be sorely missed.

  6. Hmmmmm, It’s really sad. Oga Aminu, u will be missed. Rest in peace and may God comfort us and the family you left behind.

  7. Offsite as I fondly called him during my service years in the Bank. About three weeks ago, I was with him in Kaduna when he came with other colleagues for the burial of a late staff Mr. John Baba who, incidentally, was my next door neighbour. I asked him about his health and he said “oga, I’m better now, Alhamdulilahi” He spoke on behalf of the Team that came from Abuja reassuring the widow of the deceased his readiness to support her with other football Team members in ensuring that she had a soft landing afterwards. Little did I know that was going to be my last time of meeting him. Aminu was such a wonderful person who was ready and willing to support his colleagues, friends and anyone that crossed his path in achieving their desired goals. May God comfort and engage his family, HR Dept, friends and the Bank in general. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Adieu Offsite

  8. Better! Better! It’s been an absolute privilege to have met you, known you and worked with you, I will miss you, but what is certain is I will never forget you…. You were exceptional……..

  9. Hnmmmm when I saw the announcement this morning, the thought of humility came my and reverberated since.
    I ve never really worked close with him but his eulogies I have read makes me reflect on life from a perspective, a life worthy of emulation. He was in deed a great man.
    May his gentle soul rest in peace

  10. Hmmmmmm……

    This hit home!!

    Many questions on my mind but who am i to question God. He alone knows best.

    Oga Aminu!!! HE WAS DIFFERENT!!!!

    May Almighy grant him eternal rest and comfort everyone he left behind! Amen.

    Thank you Kemka.

  11. So so touching … Left me teary eyes … May his soul find eternal rest with the Lord … Amen!

    Oga Aminu was truly a good man.

  12. Some lives are so vivid, one can’t hardly imagine them ended. A man who seldom rested, had been laid to rest.
    Some times a tragedy is so stunning one doesn’t know what to say or do. Such a day was 18th April when I learnt about the demise of my friend and brother Aminu. For his one of our very best.
    Our friendship spanned more than 14 years when in 2009 I was posted to HRD from Jos Branch. Aminu was the go to person in every situation. I recall with fond memories when we traveled together to Dubai and shared many amazing times together.
    Recently we met in Abuja branch, In Oga Kudu’s office and as was usual spent the period catching up about our families.
    As he returns back to his creator I pray Allah’s Rahma upon his soul and pray the Almighty would guide, comfort and provide for the family he left behind.
    Semper Fi Yaya Aminu.
    God rest your soul.

    1. I’m still in shock about his death, I have work with him on different acassion, we use to crack joke about so many things, like we are mate, even in the office, infact the reconciliation committee we are both members of, he called me secretary general of the committee, may Allah grant him jannah and forgive his shortcoming. Amin.

  13. An amazing tribute to a special person. He will be missed.

    Praying that his loved ones and family be comforted.

    Wherever we find ourselves, may we spread good always

  14. Thank you Kruz. Aminu demise was so shocking and heartbreaking. He was such a good guy and down to earth. He goes the extra mile to ensure he satisfy the needs of a fellow colleague. Always there to encourage you when you feel down. “Godfather, don’t worry it shall be well” those are his common encouraging words to lift your mood. He visited me in Makurdi with some of his footballers in 2019 after my exit from the Bank, just to say hello! What more love can an ex colleague show you again. Aminu my dear, we love you but God loves you more. May God forgive you your sins and grant your soul enternal rest. Rest in peace my Brother🙏

  15. I dropped my phone in shock when I read the message of his exit. My heart is indeed heavy and still very much short of words. He was a ‘people person’ and a good listener, always willing to assist irrespective of tribe, religion, gender or age. His life speaks love and I will greatly miss him. May the kindness he showed be well enjoyed and reaped by his family. May God grant him eternal rest and comfort the family and everyone Mr. Aminu have left behind. A great man!!!

  16. Thank you Kemka for this wonderful memories.
    Skipo! as I fondly called him was a brother that was ready to give assistance at any time and found it difficult to say No! to any request. Even if the request was not possible, he knew how to put it to you gently.
    May God accept his soul and grant all loved ones the fortitude to bear the loss.

  17. I don’t know if it’s just me or if everybody else experiencing
    problems with your blog. It seems like some of the text within your content
    are running off the screen. Can somebody else please provide feedback and let me know if this
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  18. Misterr Aminuuuuuu!!! With a nice ring to it was how I always hailed him… and he would respond “Sister Mi” and speak to me in Yoruba. When I found out he was not Yoruba I was pleasantly surprised. He ALWAYS made life easy for the Lagos HR Office when he was in Admin. He never kept us waiting or give us the run around.
    A gentleman par excellence! He was a good man. I will miss him.
    I pray for God’s strength for his dear family and pray that he would find eternal rest. Amen.

  19. Thank you Kemka for this.
    Oga Aminu!!!!!!!
    He was one person you could rely on. So good, so humble, so kind and so much more.
    His passing still remains a shock. May God cause him to find rest for his soul and comfort his family and loved ones

  20. I called him father in-law/grandpa. Words just can’t describe how much pain we felt when we heard the news …. My father in-law was just the best amongst them all, even if there’s someone like him out there am very sure that person hasn’t been born yet …
    Rest in peace sir, u will always be remembered,for you have impacted many lives positively

  21. He is the best uncle I could ever have, your death was too painful to take. Was hoping Aminu Usman will be the one to give me to my husband but so sad Almighty Allah has His own plan. You will always remain in the heart of the entire Usman’s family. Love you Always

  22. I am still in shock, some have come and go, but this was unexpected, even though we are all going too some day, I was not prepared for this silent mode , who do I go and disturb , who will call me mama Zara,? kemka I don’t have words to say from now to December. Having Aminu in my life as my dear brother was a phenomenal privilege and honor that I shall forever be grateful.
    Non can be like him.Is like I just loss one of my tooth .
    May the almighty Allah grant him Aljannar firdausi
    Àllahumma amin

  23. SIR Aminu You will Always be Remembered. Truly a Great Person to everyone in Regardless of Gender, Religion , Ethnic bck ground, Tribe. You looked beyond that. An Angel on earth for many. May God grant to Enternal rest. Respect!! to the Writer

  24. Some years ago 4years to be precisely, I came to oga Aminu’s office to show him my additional qualification which he was one of the people that encouraged me to go and pursue for one. He was so excited seeing my result, he arranged accordingly staple it and took it to the appropriate desk and submitted for me.
    I asked him, where to get a clip for my identity card which was broken? He did what I will never forget. He removed his own clip and fixed in mine, and said “aunty na go, I will sort myself out” oga Aminu, your humility was beyond human comprehension. Rest in peace sir

  25. Up chair as we fondly call each other , he’s been a friend and a brother, I was with him at the hospital and when he was discharged from the hospital at home , we were very close and he’s more than a friend but a brother, always wanting to help others at his own expense always wanting to assist , the man that never has no in his vocabulary, Aminu has touched the life of many and even at death he’s still touching people’s lives . Continue to Rest in peace brother

  26. I met Aminu in 2014 and saw how humble, friendly and simple he was.
    He’s a friend and buddy for all seasons. When I became his assistant at our club in 2017 he was always forthcoming with advice, support and standing in gap for many. We became close and shared our passion and challenges in football together till his death.
    He was indeed a team player.
    Rest on my amiable and indefatigable (as I address him) TM.

  27. Am still shock, he calls me Chairman when ever he calls, he has been a Boss, a Mentor, a Brother and a Father, I saw him last when he came to kaduna for late John Baba’s burial, since then we talk everyday till the Thursday before his death, I called Friday and Saturday his phones where all off, never knew that was my last taking to this angel God sent to me, through him I came to the Bank, what ever he doesn’t in Kaduna I do it, a good man has gone to meet our creator, no wonder they say good friends are hard to find but when you find one they are more better than your brother. May God grant him eternal rest, I miss you for ever.

  28. “Aminu Mohammed Usman” End of an Era
    Every living being on earth shall taste death none can deny the fact. May the departed soul rest in peace, in Jannah. Ameen

  29. That man. Let’s just let him sleep. He was sent here for a purpose. He mission was to show us how God designed the world to be… Love.

    He showed a lot of that to every life he met. He loved all. Regardless of creed, religion, tribe and social orientation.

    Baba. Meet your maker in peace.

  30. 😭😭😭😭. He gave me love, he encouraged me in all sphere’s of life, to be succinct, he was a father to me. The vacuum he left behind to so many of us , only God can replace it. RIP my leader.

  31. May Allah bless his soul, forgive his shortcomings and grant him paradise. Ameen! He was a gentleman to the core, a guardian and a brother. We will miss you and I didn’t get the chance to say thank you and bye.

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  33. Oga Aminu!!!
    The first person I knew in the Office that made me felt l am in the right environment because of his humbleness and words of encouragement.
    May Allah (SWA) forgive all his shortcomings

  34. So Sad to hear about your friend. I don’t know him though but am really touched by the live he had lived as mentioned by you and confirmed by many others.

    Let’s hope that Jehovah remembers him for good during the resurrection ( Isaiah 26:19) where I may be privilege to meet him… Sorry for the lost

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