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About Kemka Weli.

Kemka Weli

HR and Strategy professional specializing in Organization Design, Strategy (Development, Cascade, Execution, and M & E), Business & Operating Model, Process development & re-engineering, Organization structure, Job design, Workforce Planning, HR Policy & procedures Management, Change Management, and IT Refresh, among other HR, Strategy, and Business areas. Holds an MBA and member of several professional Bodies. Writer and Professional & Personal Coach.

I identify as a Storyteller, Strategic Thinker, and Coach.

My blog will be in 4 different sections:

Lessons Life Taught Me

Life has been fun. I have seen the lows and depths of hopelessness and loss, to the heights of achievements and grandeur. I have observed, as a student the intricate and complex workings of life which have all the trappings of a game. It is filled with fun, challenges, pain, and joy.

I will share my stories here, to remind me of my journey and to offer my limited assistance to those who seek help in navigating through all the intricacies of life.

 Nuggets from the Scriptures – Bible study notes

The scriptures have proved to be a ‘lamp to my foot, and a light for my path. -  Psalms 119:105. The stories and writings are fun, enlightening, and life-saving. Each time I meditate on a portion of the scriptures as my experience in life deepens, I find nuggets of treasures. You will see most of them here as part of my Bible Study Notes.

Tales & Fiction

From the imagination of my mind, I present to you some of the things I see when I look at, read, and or listen to things within my purview. These tales are the workings of a mind on a sojourn.

I shall also tell my stories – nonfiction, straight as I see them with no prejudice.

Children Learn Series – The children series for learning

As an HR professional, I see highly educated people join the workforce without the basic skills to succeed at work.

The education system seems to be skewed in teaching practical skills that really help people succeed in life and at the workplace. I have observed that it is more important to know the basics academically and be more socially adept than to know all the facts and be socially awkward.

This series will teach those basic things like how to make friends, how to show appreciation, how to speak up respectfully, how to make a request, how to research a topic, make a presentation, and so on.

The materials will be presented in fun ways to appeal to children as the plan is to set off them into the proper ways of life early. The materials will someday form the stock of the book on the same matter.


This is a listing of books completed or in progress. Keep this tab open – the books are coming….


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