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From conception and thereafter, certain hardwired predispositions are imposed upon us. Within these are varieties that nonetheless make us human. In the subconscious quest for our differences, we almost always arrive at facts that make us quite similar, to put it mildly. Even the inanimate are subject to dynamic laws, whether terrestrial or extraterrestrial, as the case may be. Aside … Read More

UPBRINGING ® – By P. Ogbaje

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We all carry around some registered trademark of our past, present and future.  It had been unclear what started the scuffle. Eyewitnesses had varying accounts of the fisticuffs and ensuing fracas littered here and there with exaggerations and sprinklings of spice. Somebody even swore he heard subdued gunshots. Nobody wanted to break the opportunity for a video or the fight. … Read More

Complexa – Part 1 – By P. Ogbaje

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She, unlike many women, is a woman of very few words. She hardly spoke about her deepest self. When she opened up to me that evening, after the rain when cool breezes blow, I was almost disturbed. Not because I had no time to listen but because it felt as if a certain responsibility was about to be bestowed upon … Read More

Surviving ‘Civilization’ – By P. Ogbaje

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It is difficult to express the irony of this topic simply because it is a very subjective perspective at things that we very often ignore as we go through daily rituals of life. Rituals that are sometimes predetermined by unrefined ancient beliefs. Beliefs that may have become obvious misunderstandings and outright falsehoods. Falsehoods that many of us do not need … Read More