Content. Untainted. Uncompromised.

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Make you full your belle before you go, before you comot from your house Ensure you have had a meal, no matter how meager Then you will not be enticed by their delicacies Your decisions will not be tainted by the snare of a rumbling stomach And you will be telling the truth, When you tell them that you are … Read More

The Dilemma of Reuniting With a Lost Friend

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It would be great to reconnect with you, my old friend. How I have looked forward to this day since we parted ways eons ago. But the big question is: what are we going to do & talk about when we meet? Within a few minutes of reconnection after the hugs & back-patting have been exhausted, will silence set in? … Read More

Them Tribute Hunters

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Should I say the man is kind, loving, and helpful whereas he is the very opposite, and really is an epitome of meanness? Should I say he is godly and wise and is a scion of integrity whereas we all know differently? ‘Say good things because he’s retiring o!’ They would insist. What if he’s the bastion of corruption, an … Read More

Don’t Envy Her, She Envies You!

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lllk Every day they pass each other on the trail, my exercise trail for health, for balance Each of them with some regrets that I could feel One to worship & sad that all her expectations have not been met and what she thinks the other has, she lacks The other to catch some sleep & sad that what the … Read More

Gizzard Wonder

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It is still one chicken, one gizzard right? One chicken has to be ‘harvested’ for one gizzard to be available for food. Abi e don change? The number of gizzards I see every day, I am concerned about the number of chickens that must go under the knife. Abi does Gizzard grow in the lab or some chickens grow more … Read More

Naira Round Trip

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Will the particular Naira note you spend ever come back to you? That was a question that troubled me as a boy & so I wrote my initials on every note I used to be sure it is the same notes when I received them. As I paid for fuel this evening & saw a signed note among the bunch, … Read More

Bread and I

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Whenever the annals of this world are written & earthly delights are collated, freshly baked bread will be in the top echelon. The smell & taste of freshly baked bread has to be among the joys of life. – Weli Kemka Bread and I have had a chequered history. Right beside my school was Unity Bakery, just where the Bus … Read More