Start Now on your Goals – Part 2

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‘Will you be in the camp next week?’ A colleague asked me.  ‘Yes,’  I responded still busy with my work with my thoughts on the Bootcamp on workforce planning holding the next week. I remember how I used to look at people with awe when they make statements like ‘I left the University 20 years ago’. I’ll quickly run a … Read More

Start, Persist & Finish Successfully

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One day as you start on your journey or quest, it will be ‘Day 1, 99 Days to go’. And day #100 would seem so far away. Someday it would ‘Day 99, 1 Day to finish’I am sure you smiled at this prospect. Start & be persistent & your ‘Day #100’ is just around the corner! Related Article:

Be Calm As You Resolve Your Problems

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The touch of the warm water on my skin following the cold night was quite stimulating and awakening. I think it was in the euphoria of that abandon that I poured water into my ear. The ringing sensation in my head reminded me of the many times water has entered my ear while bathing, swimming, or generally playing in a … Read More

Start Now on your Goals – Part 1

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All other factors being equal, who will you help in his business venture?
The One, who has started, utilized all his resources & has reached his wit’s end
or the man who has refused to use any of the resources he has but wants you to pitch in yours so that he starts in a grand way?

The people who can help you achieve your life goals will not do so until they are sure you will not waste their resources and we can never know what help is available until we start the journey of actualizing our goals in life.

Many who believe in God attest to the fact that He acts in the same way. You got to start (FIRST) and then help will come, not the other way round.

Read how I learnt this as a boy.

Consistency in Discipline

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The child said he wanted consistency in discipline. “If you asked me ‘have you bath? And I don’t answer you take my silence as a ‘No’ and you order me, sometimes with the added burden of ‘a threat of punishment’, to stop whatever I am doing and go and bathe”. Then all of a sudden there is an act of … Read More