Tobi Amusan’s Guano Lessons

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All through yesterday and most of this morning, I have been seeing lots of tributes to Ijebuland in honor of its indigenes our super girl Tobi Amusan, Anthony Joshua, and Isreal Adesanya who are champion Boxers. Most of the messages have the same format: ‘From Anthony Joshua to Isreal and now Tobi – It must be something in the Ijebu … Read More

Is it worth doing?

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Be as you wish to seem Socrates Who likes to be shamed & embarrassed publicly, perhaps in the presence of loved and admired ones, family, friends, associates, and acquaintances? None I suppose. I asked a question a while ago, ‘when you were caught & were profusely sorry, was it because you felt remorse about the bad thing you did or … Read More

It Is What You Make Of It….

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No time is a good or bad time. It is often what you make of it! During the Pandemic & because of it, some people have become richer. Some have become healthier, wiser, more prudent, studious, etc. Some have also lost some things, unfortunately. It is not necessarily the time, it is what you can make of the challenging times … Read More

God’s Blessings

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‘May God bless you.’ Where does your mind go? For most people, it is lots & lots of money. When people think/talk/pray for God’s blessings, they often zero in on financial benefits. It is the greatest folly to be materially rich but poor spiritually or mentally & emotionally retarded. In order of priority, seek 1st to meet your spiritual needs, … Read More

No Need For Regrets, Act Now!

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How would you feel if you realized at the twilight of your life on earth that every good thing that you ever could think about, you could have achieved if you attempted to do them? Yes, you then realize, only belatedly that ‘whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill. How would you feel about … Read More

Provide Quality Contributions That Help Your Team Win!

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It was the same in every family meeting I attended. After a matter has been thoroughly debated by the general house, the Chairman would ask the Elders to offer final opinions. Their thoughts would often form the fulcrum on which decisions were made. The eldest spoke last, but his response was always the same ‘my brothers have spoken, where they … Read More

The Flow is Waiting for You – Start Already!

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Recently my assignments have been piling up. Ill-health, laziness, plenty of distractions, lose of interest, etc, have got in the way of doing the things I ought to do and really wish done. A lot of the pending jobs are very important and some are also urgent. In all honesty, I have lost a lot of zest and enthusiasm. As … Read More

The mythical ‘Pot of Soup’

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‘How much will it cost?’ That was the first question to anticipate anytime we asked my parents of anything that had a cost implication. It does appear that everybody also asks that question anytime any purchase idea comes to mind whether it is a product, service, or some other fun stuff. If it was something in the approved list like … Read More