The Scare – My Teeth Don Turn Green?

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It was a very large party, but everything was on point, my guy in the Office was getting married, all of us come turn up. I give kudos to the organizers who arranged the hall so beautifully and provided enough seats for the many who attended. The packaging make sense well well. The meal in the party was very delicious. … Read More

Tales From Far Away…

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Corn & Pear go make Sense o We bought corn yesterday, haba, make person chop some familiar things from home. I just told Wifey as she talked about going out: ‘Abeg if you see Pear or Coconut make you buy make we use chop the corn’. ‘You be thief’ – na her response. Wetin I talk bad now? As we … Read More

No Need For Regrets, Act Now!

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How would you feel if you realized at the twilight of your life on earth that every good thing that you ever could think about, you could have achieved if you attempted to do them? Yes, you then realize, only belatedly that ‘whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill. How would you feel about … Read More

I Doff My Hat

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As I picked up my hat to finish my dressing for work this morning it just struck me that all of a sudden Hats have gone out of fashion in Abuja. Fridays are for local attires and we all look forward to it – who never tire for Tie, Shirt, and Suit, Monday to Friday? It is a National policy … Read More

A Utopian View of Wealth Ownership

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Like time and air, it does appear to me that to be truly happy, Man was not meant to own many of the things we struggle for today. Every day, everyone is issued 24 hours, and all the air that is needed. No one accumulates more than they need of each. No one can own time. Money and all that … Read More

How To Maximize Children’s Benefits Of The Use Of Devices

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Introduction The Children these days come into this world with a fascination for screens (TV, Tablets, Laptops & Phones especially). As babies, they react to anything about the phone – ring, talk, music, chime, and other sounds. Then, we fully onboard them by using the phone to keep them occupied or distracted so we can work or have some peace. … Read More

Going to the University – Facing the Challenges Effectively and Thriving

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The University is a wonderful place of learning that transverses the academic into the social, philosophical, technical, and indeed all aspects of life. People learn practical skills they use to work, play, live, and better the world. The University is also a place where dreams die. It is a place where people unable to handle the pressure often capsize and … Read More

Provide Quality Contributions That Help Your Team Win!

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It was the same in every family meeting I attended. After a matter has been thoroughly debated by the general house, the Chairman would ask the Elders to offer final opinions. Their thoughts would often form the fulcrum on which decisions were made. The eldest spoke last, but his response was always the same ‘my brothers have spoken, where they … Read More