‘Otula Ite’ – The Scramble For Joy

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A few times while growing up we fought over food. Not because there wasn’t enough food for everyone but well if you said it wasn’t enough you won’t be wrong – there was never enough of the favorite part of the food which we fought over. This food crisis always surfaced anytime the offering was a porridge – Otor, yam, … Read More

Aminu Usman – A Good Man Exits

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When she approached us with her tale, we burst into laughter but as the woman’s demeanor dropped we became more empathetic. Aminu took the lead in calming and reassuring her that ‘it is ok’. As the lady strode out to implement the tips we had given her, we descended into the savoriness of the African Pear the Igbos call Ube. … Read More

Appreciative Or Sowing?

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The community was abuzz with excitement following the completion of the community project which I and a few friends masterminded and executed. Wearing a large smile, he approached me with outstretched hands, and as we struck wrists in greeting, he told me ‘this project is wonderful, you need to see how it has added beauty & functionality to the area’. … Read More

Feel it, Say it!

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I hear that one of the reasons women live longer than men is that they ventilate regularly – they speak out.

Are you able to say how you feel to people you relate with, abi your mouth dey heavy you?

Within the bounds of moderation & morality, we can greatly improve our relationships when we say it as it is.

Make Excellence A Habit

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As I opened the door to proceed on my exercise this morning it dawned on me that I had not brushed my mouth. ‘No be solitary walk, wey only you go waka? No waste time, make we dey go’. ‘What is more your mouth no dey smell’. I rationalized, lazy to go back and eager to start off on the … Read More

The Salary Debate

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For many years, I have seen the quote “Salary is the bribe they give you to forget your dreams’ used countless times by many different people. This morning, part of a friend status message read ‘Don’t bury your vision because of job. The job was never meant to be a permanent take but it’s established for those who have a … Read More

To Find Joy, Find your Purpose!

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Why are you here? Where do we really go from here? Were questions that troubled me after a funeral I attended shortly after I turned 16. It was then I realized that finding our purpose in life is the most important thing there is. Truly, without answering those important questions, life is a rut and is quite meaningless. More and … Read More

Hurting Till When? Please Heal!!!

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Everyone has been hurt by people they love & trusted to protect them.

Sometimes people hurt for many years for something that could have been resolved by an apology and a promise not to repeat the action that caused hurt.

Are you still in pain because someone didn’t acknowledge your pain and ask for your forgiveness?

Set yourself free from hurt & pain Now! See if this will work for you

How to Raise Money to Finance a Business

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For a long time, the talk around Investment and Business has been on creating more streams of income and of being able to make investments that create and enable one to live on passive income. The economic ruins that many people suffer as a result of the effects of the pandemic brought the subject to the fore again and exacerbated … Read More