Lessons From When We Are Sick: Focus!

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Have you been sick before? Even if you have not, at least you have seen a sick person & can relate to the pain and agony. When you were sick, what was your prayer or most fervent wish? For most of us, the desire to get well was the most important thing, the only player we had. We may have … Read More


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The ‘Past’, (I mean events that have already happened, like that encounter that you just had or the one you had 10 years ago) and the ‘future’, (the next minute, day, month, and year), can have a great impact on us now – our present. Decisions in the past affect and to a large extent determine where we are today … Read More

Is What You See Real?

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I do not remember where and how we got the pair of medicated glasses but for a while, it was our most cherished toy. We would wear it and try to walk, run and jump. The glasses made things look farther and smaller than they really were. It distorted the view & was quite disorienting when we used it. As … Read More

Improve Your Relationships With Your Colleagues – The Quality Of Your Life Depends On It!

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As Social beings we need people to thrive. Everything we do revolves around other people, whether at home or at work; whether we have a service or product to sell or buy. To show the great effect of social interactions on humans a recent study conducted by Harvard University* shows that the quality of our social interaction is the #1 … Read More